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Since 2008 Capital.D has been leading media production for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries in the Middle East. The Capital.D experience is drive by our passionate approach to content production from creative team building to post. Our mission to communicate through visual content has kept the team striving for greatness and pushing to innovate and explore the latest in trend, technology and topic.

We call our unique production method ‘Capital.D Modus’, as our internal departments of creative, digital, strategy, artists management, production and post, dynamically converse and collaborate to continuously build layers to our clients’ vision and demand the best of the outcome.

At the forefront of content-marketing, our first ‘influencer’ shoot was in 2009 in collaboration with Hermés. Since then we’ve been creating advertising production for stills, TV and digital, branded marketing content, editorial and project based work and digital storytelling for global and local brands who require an omni-channel presence and an ‘always on’ content stream to keep their brand in the conversation.

Our Expertise


10 years of content production experience working on omni-channel, content solutions for Luxury brands, publishers, Governments and multi-nationals. Talent curation and our super-fast MODUS method mean our clients are always satisfied.

Post Production

In-house post for stills and video means fast, fast, fast. Our producers are with the project from beginning to end to ensure a smooth process and quality control.


Since 2009 we’ve been representing some of the world’s best content producers and unique visual artists. Talent curation is paramount in our productions, especially for distinguished brands who demand high-end creativity from their collaborators. Passion and enthusiasm also are essential for our roster and part of our selection process.


Our in-house creative services division means that even when you may not be sure where to start, we can help you create an organized brief and creative solution for approval so production can kick off. Couple this with the strength of data from our Digital Division and you’ve got one killer campaign.


Just 2 years old, our Digital Team have been making a sign impact for our clients and getting our content the maximum visibility and engagement. We continue to develop innovative digital strategies for social media, website/ app development, digital branding, SEO, digital campaigns and what we like to call digital ‘ecosystem’ development. Each strategy blooms with great content at its heart … naturally.


We develop solutions to empower brands to become publishers of their own stories, develop platforms and channels so their brand stories can thrive. We’ve also developed one of our own.



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Cannes Lions – Bronze in Craft Divison 2017

Black and White Report 2017 – top 3 film production companies in the region.